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Baling caprolactam ammonium sulfate ton bag cost reduction and efficiency

China petrochemical news network (Peng Zhan Chia-Yu wen) this year from May to July, baling petrochemical Division total recovery of caprolactam ammonium sulfate bag 15,500, valued at 716,000. According to projections, can reduce the cost of 6.87 million Yuan a year.

Caprolactam ammonium sulfate products are by-products of the production and Division of caprolactam ammonium sulfate export capacity, increased from 60,000 tons in 2009 to 120,000 tons last year. Export packaging for many years used 50 kilograms small bag. Every time when loading at the dock, first bag broke, ammonium sulphate bulk loaded into sea cabin, bags used wastage.

In this regard, the Department according to customer recommendations, decided to transform the ammonium sulphate small packages for the tons of recyclable packaging. Ton bag line after the vote, the Division became the first enterprise that used ton bag of ammonium sulfate. Bottom of the bag opening, after ammonium sulphate bulk materials can be shipped, and then recycled. According to estimates, according to export 10,000 tons per month, bags recycled 4 times, reduce costs per ton 57.25; if increased frequency of bag recycling can also expand down the space. Meanwhile, ton bag of transshipment, port operations more efficient than small bags increased 4 times.

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