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Global trade patterns of caprolactam or would change

New data show that this year there will be more than 2 million tons/year of production of caprolactam, 80% of them in mainland China and Taiwan. Meanwhile, in Europe some of the old plant will be shut down. Increase a decrease between the degree of dependence on imports of caprolactam in Asia is expected to have dropped considerably, Europe's traditional exports, such as large areas will be affected, caprolactam global trade patterns will change.

According to statistics, the 2011 world total consumption of about 4.06 million tons of caprolactam, compared with a total production capacity of about 4.91 million tons of caprolactam, of which Asia accounted for 38.1% of the total capacity. Consumption is concentrated in Asia, North America and Western Europe, which is about 63.2% per cent of total consumption in Asia. Asia is the world's largest consumer of caprolactam and the largest importer of caprolactam. The Chinese mainland and China's Taiwan region's imports of caprolactam breakdown of first and second in the world. By the end of 2011, total capacity of 585,000 tons of caprolactam in China per year, self-sufficiency rate rose to 40% per cent, but the gap is still large, caprolactam imported nearly 650,000 tons, imports this year are expected to exceed 800,000 tons.

United Kingdom Tektronix Chairman of global chemical company, Charles said, and into 2012, caprolactam expansion speed significantly faster. This year new caprolactam production nearly 80% are concentrated in China.

This year, the County has a large number of device-intensive production of caprolactam or expansion. March, Shandong sea force chemical limited a period capacity 100,000 tons/years of has been lactam device built production; April, Zhejiang giant of group completed spread can, has been lactam total can turned times to 50,000 tons/years; May end of and July end of, Sinopec BA Ling petrochemical and Zhejiang constant Plaza group in Xiaoshan joint venture construction of annual 200,000 tons/years has been lactam project device a, line and b line respectively drive success. So far, China's total capacity of 915,000 tons/year of caprolactam. And this momentum continues, as planned this year, China will add new caprolactam production capacity of 625,000 tons/year and 2013 will add new production capacity of 900,000 tons per year. This year mainland China and Taiwan will add a total of 1.625 million tons/year production of caprolactam.

Taiwan China Petrochemical Development Corporation (CPDC) is Taiwan's only producer of caprolactam, the existing production capacity of 400,000 tons/year, in Miaoli County will also put into operation in the third quarter of this year a set of 100,000 tons/year capacity. According to statistics, in Taiwan in 2011 nearly 1.34 million tons of the import caprolactam.

Intensive expansion in Asia at the same time, traditional export areas such as Eastern Europe unit was shut down. Russia gas monopoly Gazprom petrochemical subsidiary of its Sibur-Neftekhim7 17th announced plans to close by April 2013 a chlorine-containing raw material caprolactam factory; Ukraine NF Trading company in May of this year has been idle for one in Ukraine of 60,000 t/y caprolactam plant, due to poor profitability of the factory.

County is caprolactam major buyer of goods in Europe, with about 1.5 million tons/year of this year new capacity on stream, stock imports from mainland China in the future will be significantly reduced. China's Taiwan region, due to CPDC expansion increases the local supply, will reduce dependence on imports.

Moreover, Asia markets likely to be dominated by supply contracts in the future. To meet the supply needs of the contract, CPDC said it will improve the overall operating rate of caprolactam plant in the near future. Along with the commissioning of new capacity, is expected to increase downstream to the CPDC other nylon producers will supply contract purchases.

In addition, impose anti-dumping duties on imports of ocean also affects imports of caprolactam. Starting from October 22, mainland China from the United States and Europe of caprolactam imported goods will be imposed a 5-year anti-dumping tax. In fact, since January 25, 2011, the County, against United States and Europe of caprolactam goods has been imposed provisional anti-dumping duty of 4.3%~25.5%.

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